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At the Muncey Group, we believe the mortgage company you choose should feel like a natural fit. Just like your new home.

That’s why we’ve made Shant Banosian of Guaranteed Rate our official lending partner. While he’s not the only lender we work with, his team is our preferred partner for clients.

Guaranteed Rate stands behind our mission and values like a part of the Muncey Group family. From fast, personalized guidance, to their support at our charitable events and in-house training sessions, we trust Shant and his team of local financing experts to treat our clients the way we do. That means working hard to help you achieve your home buying goals while helping you FEEL at ease throughout the home buying process.

Guaranteed Rate’s trained and certified loan originators specialize in financing the Greater Boston area residential real estate market. Home after home, they help our clients to find the right loan program with competitive rates and manageable down payments.

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