Our Commitment to Social Justice

Here at the Muncey Group, we want to start by saying to the Black members of our community and beyond: Your lives matter. We support you. We stand with you.

Our commitment to our communities extends far beyond selling real estate. We believe that racial and economic diversity is vital to the fabric of strong communities, yet pervasive gaps in homeownership continue to fuel racial and economic disparities in Boston and beyond. 

Our work to promote equality starts with our employees and we strive to foster an inclusive culture that provides opportunity for growth and leadership across all members of our team. In our communities, the Muncey Group works to combat the persistent racial inequities that have existed in homeownership through local, strategic, and values-based grantmaking directly aimed at this disparity. 

In 2021, the Muncey Group is launching a targeted philanthropic effort to provide grants toward down payments for first-generation home buyers from Boston. This new philanthropic initiative is a coordinated effort across Muncey Group employees, vendors, funding partners, and local nonprofits. The contributions of the Muncey Group include financial contributions, donated time, and public efforts to name and address this issue in the real estate industry here in Boston and beyond. 

​​​​​​According to a 2019 Survey of Consumer Finances, the median homeowner has 40 times the household wealth of a renter. Between 2016 and 2019, housing wealth was the single biggest contributor to the increase in net worth across all income groups, accounting for 32 percent of the overall increase. Yet, homeownership rates by race and ethnicity continue to persist: almost 84% of white parents own a home, compared to 49% of black parents

It is not enough to lament the systemic racism that has contributed to the creation of this gap --- we must provide monetary support and access to homeownership to those whom our country has traditionally shut out of the real estate market. We invite you to join us.